Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jack is Back

Who ever Jack may be, cos its been a long time since i blogged but now I think the time is right and the issues are plenty, away from biennial every day chatter, I will focus on two things I love: programming and pissing people off, LOL. Well the second mostly refers to my unique point of view of things, I rarely conquer with mainstream ideas, and think of myself more a intellectual outcast more than a social one. So I will go on board discussing major topics affecting Costa Rica, consider this a no-spin view on what really is happening to our little piece of dirt we call paradise.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Eighties Memories

So I just got adsl some days back and the skies opened and god said: "Thee shalt use thee band width to bring mp3's to thee pc, thee shalt protect theeself forth antivirus and antispyware if not thee shalt be punished with the wrath of the virus and the adware, go forth and bring joy to all the hard drive land".
Any how, I was downloading massive 80's classics that other wise are stuck on my dad's old vynils, such as Purple Rain by Prince and the Revolution, if you didn't see that movie in the 80's, shoot yourself, I haven't seen a soundtrack that so truly represents an era like this one was, songs like "The beautifull ones", "Let's go crazy", "Baby I'm a star" are just a few of the awesome rock/pop classics any true "grew-up-in-the-80's" kid should have in his music folder.
Someone should make a musical out of this album, it would be great to see it up on a broadway stage with those electrifing songs telling the story of the movie up on stage. Well I guess I'll keep dreaming, lol.
See ya.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


We can’t romance be like a movie, is it so hard to ask. Sweet and seemingly perfect. One movie that reflects exactly how a modern romance should be is “You Have Mail”, with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. I’ve always been partial to Meg and any of her movies but this one has a way of telling a story, that you almost feel your watching an old 1950’s Hollywood romance, but still it’s fresh and up to date with modern day relationships. I don’t know, maybe I’m just feeling sappy and wished I could find something like that.

That’s all.


Sunday, May 29, 2005

hello loves

I don’t know why I’m so anti-blogger recently, but plans are being made as we speak to transfer this blog to my new domain ASAP, due to the fact that I’m hard at work freelancing some web pages and such, I am currently at the conclusion of the design for my new website, strictly professional but I do plan to include my blog in it, maybe it will make it easier for me to blog from there, because I guess I have been so lazy with this one and not to mention the other one I opened, that one is dead. So here I am, still thinking/breathing. Web site development has become my north for the time being and I really believe it has become a calling, I have found the area that satisfies both my CS skills with my design/artist needs, as I said I’m currently working on the design for my own site, which has to be 100% original design or I’ll go nuts, LOL. I’ve even opened up to new coding languages such as PHP, which in the past had not caught my attention so much, but if one wishes to be in this environment one must learn all the ways to reach the same objective: good, flawless design combined with sufficient and standardized code.

Well for now, puppets, that’s all I got in this grey mush called brain of mine.

Oh and if you wish to see any photo's of myself and stuff, visit:



I pity the fool…

Saturday, February 19, 2005

hi dee ho

hey all my faightfull non readers, lol, i decided to open a new blog to post a non-personal blog,

come back and see me some time....
(May West)

Monday, January 24, 2005

im back jack

after my sabaticle from school which took me to miami for december vacation, i am back, no im not dead, actually im fine, school started good and my graduation is on saturday, YUPEE, im gonna open a photoblog soon with pics from my trip and then some. for now and beyond, happy new years...

Friday, December 17, 2004


life is becoming unhumanly stressfull, and thats just from one exam. Today friday the 17th is my last day of school, vacations start officialy at 830pm when i finish me exam, and hopefully pass... (reason why im stressed). but lets hope all that good studing is gonna pay off, im so exhausted. i cant even function, and i look ugly too, maybe one gets ugly as porportionly to ones moodiness...

hope i can post on a happier note later tonight, wish me luck!

nat out